Monday, June 11, 2007

And almost off again!

Now that I have completed my moving to a wonderful new home, I find myself busy unpacking and adjusting to my new surroundings. For instance, I need to install a high speed Internet connection. (I'm posting from my wife's office). That explains why your e-mails stay unanswered. Please accept my apologies. Actually, I will have to extend my absence from my blog and the Internet, because I will take a (well deserved) vacation starting next Friday and until the beginning of July.

Bonne nouvelle: mon déménagement est presque fini. Il ne me reste plus qu'à installer ADSL et acheter une table pour mon ordinateur.
Autre bonne nouvelle (pour moi!): je pars en vacances fin de la semaine, pour 2 semaines. Je vous donne rendez-vous début juillet pour répondre au nombre courier (désolé) et pour de nouveaux articles.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Almost back

I've had a wonderful trip to Taichung, Lugu, Shan Lin Shi, Hsin Chu county and to the Tea Research and Extension Station. The good news is that I bring back lots of pictures (I made 340), 10 excellent Oolongs and even 1 prize winner from this year's competition (Rank 7 out of almost 5000 competiting teas). I have so much to write about, I could write a book or blog entries for 2 months. I'll probably settle for a third newsletter. The bad news is that I'm going to move to a new apartment in Banqiao (Taipei county) this weekend and that means that I have my arms full, very little time and I don't know when the internet connection will be up at my new place. In any case, thanks for your patience.

Je suis actuellement en plein déménagement. Excusez-moi de ne pas répondre à vos e-mails. J'espère que tout sera OK d'ici une semaine. Merci pour votre patience.A view of a tea plantation in Shan Lin Shi