Thursday, September 08, 2005

Perfect brewing by Teaparker

I have shot a short Quicktime video (50 seconds) of Teaparker brewing the Bai Ji Guan mentioned recently. The video is here for you to watch the master and learn!


Cindy W. said...

Wonderful video -- thanks for sharing! :)

I wanted to let you know that I just posted tasting notes for the Tie Guan Yin sample you sent me earlier this summer.

After reading about the Bai Ji Guan, and then seeing it brewed, I'm feeling very jealous!

Anonymous said...

Excellent site, by the way where can I get this amazing tea as shown in the video that defies all laws of gravity!

TeaMasters said...

Very sorry guys! I don't sell this tea. I didn't even receive any sample of it!

This Wu Yi Mountain tea is not for sale in Taiwan (at least not this quality level). I have no idea where to get it, except asking Teaparker again . Should there be a way, I'll let you know.