Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Tea videos

Tea Arts blog was so kind to send me this link to lots of videos of Chinese tea brewings (in Windows Media format). I hesitated a litte before posting this link on my blog. You will (mostly) see how Chinese tea is performed for the tourists. Lots of costumes, slow movements, relaxing music...

It's hard for me to take these completely seriously. On the other hand, I did like some of the music played (Line 3, 7th video from the left: the guy in white). I believe that this way of preparing tea can be as effective a relaxation as taichi, but not in front of a public or a camera. And it's also a reminder that the surroundings have an impact on your mood and the way you appretiate your tea. Outdoors are often great (but try to get far away from noisy roads!). And indoors, a simple, classic design will let you better relax than heavily decorated rooms. You will also notice that the set up of your tea table is very important: if you are right handed, for instance, than the hot water should be placed close by on your right so that you don't have to make large movements to get it.

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