Friday, May 05, 2006

Tea drunk with style

I usually drink my wild Yi Wu 1985 Tuo Cha in high concentration. It gives me an elated feeling, but without the (sometimes ugly) side effects of alcohol. This was also the reason why tea became popular in the old days in mperial China. The high class liked to eat and drink, but they soon found out that too much wine was not always a blessing. So, the more refined scholars and people with power turned to tea, instead of wine, to entertain their guests.

So, recently, I've found the perfect cup to get tea drunk: this small Qing dynasty wine cup, an old shot glass if you want! It's a little bit smaller than a regular cup and it fits very strong brewed old puerh best. Here you see all 4 wine cups I have. Let's have a small party tonight!!


Anonymous said...

très belle trouvaille ces tasses, les verrons nous bientôt sur ta selection ?

TeaMasters said...

Elles font parti de la catégorie 'tasses de la dynastie Qing'.

Anonymous said...

Ta photo est vraiment très belle et l'ambiance qui s'en dégage me donne envie de préparer ton carré 1990 de la région de Menghai. Les feuilles mortes m'ont tout de suite fait penser à ce sympathique Pu Er cru.