Friday, June 30, 2006

Last day for my photo contest


Veronique said...

I recognize this beautiful gaiwan from Jing tea shop. I love the blue hand painting on the white porcelain!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures look really nice and the teas and teaware featured on this website look good.

It's good to know that someone out there is doing something honest in the way they promote their own products. I've had some horrible experiences with online tea vendors.

The last time I purchased a teapot from an online vendor, I later realized, when showing the teapot to a Chinese co-worker (I was bragging about my latest purchase) who looked at the chop under the teapot, and told me that the teapot, sold to me as a qing dynasty zhuni teapot, wasn't really that but a common, modern red clay teapot, rubbed with some shoe polish. I lost face in front of my friend, looked like a stupid ignorant white guy and felt like I got fucked big time because of the price I paid for it, since it was, after all, the kind of teapot I can get in chinatown for ten bucks. I later had a similar experience with another vendor. I ordered some samples of aged raw puerh, but they turned out to be cooked puerh that had been sprayed with water or something to make it look old and grayish. When I complained, they told me the samples were authentic and I just didn't know anything about the way good tea is supposed to look and taste like. I was so infuriated by this that I sent back the samples in their original plastic bags, only before closing the bags I mixed the tea with some of my cat's droppings.

Maybe they had the nerve to send those samples to someone else.