Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Teaparker's shipwreck zhuni teapot

Last week, I only had a blurry picture. So let me post these 3 better ones of this little jewel. The walls are extra thin and the teapot weighs like nothing in your hand. Teaparker used it to prepare all the Wu Yi Yan Cha he brought back from Fujian 10 days ago.

These pictures also come as a good reminder of an important step in a successful gongfu cha: the warmup of the teapot and the tea cups.
The leaves enter the teapot after the preheating.
At the base, on the left of the teapot, you may notice that the color is lighter: some sea salt is still coming out from the pores of this previously wrecked teapot.

Compared to yesterday's post on tea trays made of stone, the display here is quite simple. A square pottery base for the teapot: the inside is empty and lets the waste water flow inside. Next to it, a quilt absorbs the water that drips when filling the cups. The result is a fitting elevated position for the teapot and the leaves. The quilt gives a warmer feeling and doesn't feel like a massive barrier between the brewer and the guests.

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Groumpf said...

Pretty pot ! Does its history have an impact on the tea (salt) or is it mainly visual ? (fossilized minerals)
I really love the tray too, not too massive and seems practical.