Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tea on top of Nankang Mountain

2 days before Ido left Taiwan, I drove him to the top of Nankang Mountain, east of Taipei. There, we had our last cups of tea together (before his next trip to Taiwan). We basked in late afternoon sun, enjoying raw, wild Yiwu puerh in my new silver teapot. The view on the Wenshan mountains leading to Pinglin is just breathtaking from here.

We raised our glasses to more than tea pleasures. We raised them to the luck we, foreigners, had to embark on a life journey discovering the culture, land and people that produce Chinese tea. And we drank also to friendship. It was just yet another perfect afternoon.
Tea creates a powerful connection to nature. What is so fantastic about it is that the best leaves will give you the feeling of drinking on top of such a mountain, even if you drink them in your apartment in the city. That's also the miracle of gongfu cha that I try to share with my blog! (And that's also why I particularly like the blog Tea Logic: it has a nice combination of pictures of tea and nature).


Vladimir Lukiyanov said...

That looks truly stunning, it must have been a wonderful experience...

"Tea creates a powerful connection to nature" - is this the most important thing about tea? I think so!


Anonymous said...

As vl. said !

Anonymous said...

Ces photos nous font du bien...Merci Stéphane!