Monday, July 21, 2008

Cha Xi contest - It's Summer, It's Tea Time

The summer season offers the chance to drink tea outdoors. What better place to feel in harmony with nature than among trees, grass, listening to birds...

To help you make this tea experience unforgetable, I propose a little Cha Xi contest. The goal is to brew a tea with a beautiful and proper tea setup. This will give you an opportunity to refresh your memory about the advices I have given in my blog, and then adding your personal touch.

To motivate you, I will give away a ceramic tea tray like this one on the left as first prize of this contest. The next prizes will be teas from my selection.

How to participate?
- Send me an e-mail with the 2 (and only 2) best pictures of your tea set up. These pictures will let me judge the aesthetic beauty of your Cha Xi.

- Add a short description of your tea accessories and why they match the tea you chose. Write also a brief description of how the tea tasted. This will let me judge the technical aspect of the Cha Xi.

Who? All readers of my blog are invited to participate once.

When? Before end of August 2008.
The best entries will be published!

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