Sunday, June 21, 2009

When it all clicks

I got this today!

A perfect little moment of tea.

Exotic purple flowers on my Cha Xi.

Fresh mountain water from Shan Lin Shi.

Slow heat.

Exquisite teaware from China, Japan, Taiwan and England.

A wild puerh so sweet and pure, so floral and everlasting.

Happiness is easy.

Keep on learning!


EnKoppZen said...

Oh my God, what a beautiful color on flowers and tea setting.

TeaMasters said...

I'm glad my new camera is working quite well.
Thanks. And good luck with your Tea House in Sweden. It must have been difficult to learn the language!

And, please, just call me Stephane ;) !!

Veri-Tea said...

Ohhh... beautiful!

EnKoppZen said...

You´re right. I had a very chinese upbringing both at home and in school before, so I guess formal expression of respect is kind of deeply wired in me, but I´ll try. It´s wonderful to learn new ways always, specially when I live in Sweden now.

Thank you for wishing our teahouse good luck, Stephane! :)

Rich said...
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Rich said...

Wow Stephane, what a setup! How I wish I was able to have tea in Taipei right now - your porcelain looks like something quite special as well.

Jigé said...

Salut amie d’Outre-Atlantique et merci du partage. C’est la curiosité qui m’a conduit ici: je voulais savoir quelle sorte de blog a qqn qui a indiqué «PARTAGE» dans ses centres d’intérêt.

Comme toi I like green tea; moi, c'est du japonais (le plus souvent GEMMAICHA -j'ai aussi tout un assortiment de TEA POTS et TEA CUPS). Bravo! (Môa être plutôt philosophique).

NOTE. Mon blog parle de la connaissance de soi. Si le coeur t'en dit, tu es bienvenu.

TeaMasters said...

Thanks. I hope you'll have the opportunity to come this fall. Then we can have this old Oolong together!

Merci pour ta visite. J'aime bien ton avatar, très positif et heureux. Et vive le thé!

EnKoppZen said...

oh, didn´t see about the swedish language on Stephane´s comment:
Diffficult,though less in grammar, & more on speaking it. Spoken though, specially by swedish and with the right grace, like even norwegian, can be very charming, I thought.