Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Learning from Lady Gaga : Tea is cool and fun

Lady Gaga could be the 'new face of tea'!? Major tea corporations want Lady Gaga to promote their brand. (No, this blog isn't one of them!)

Obviously, these tea companies are attracted by the fact that Lady Gaga is 1. hugely popular among the young and 2. a tea drinker herself. She even seems very attached to a particular tea accessory, her purple tea cup.

Lady Gaga probably chose this cup because of its unusual color, reflecting her own unusual style. This shows that she makes tea part of her life. And color isn't a bad criteria at all to choose a cup: even Lu Yu thought celadon superior to other ceramics due to its lively green color!

To find your favorite tea cup, I suggest that you test different tea cups with the same tea. This will also help you to train your taste buds to detect these little variations. You may find out that a particular tea cup makes your tea taste better, finer, brighter than the others! This is a way to spice up your tea tasting, especially if you happen to drink alone.

Creativity is an important factor in Lady Gaga's success. Hers is wild and bizarre, but this seems to reflect her personality and the music she sings. For tea, we can follow Lady Gaga's example and unleash our creative spirits.

The Passion for Tea know no Limits (says the calligraphy). Let's have no limits in the way we set up our Cha Xi. It should reflect our mood, our personality and be in harmony with the tea we brew. Tea is cool and fun when you put your heart to it!

PS: I will be in vacation for 2 weeks starting next week!


Kim Christian said...

I have never expected to read
"tea" and "Lady Gaga" close to
each other :)...

Have a nice vacation !!

TeaMasters said...

Thanks Kim!
It's summer and a good time for fun and lighter subjects. And, after I published it, I saw that even Teaparker wrote about her today!

David said...

Bonnes vacances !

Unknown said...

Lady Gaga will bring recognition to tea!!

I agree with testing your tea cup to see if your tea tastes different. I have a favorite tea cup that I use and if I use another one, the flavor is not the same.

bon teavant said...

The inspiration to unleash one's creativity with tea is the key. Nice tea ware, and objects found in nature or otherwise can make the tea table creative and playful. I met a billionaire who used a roadside stone for the lid of his yixing teapot and a part of an old door for his tea tray. We can have the same creativity and enthusiasm for tea.

tea mad hatter said...

hi, just to let you know. i really enjoy your blog entries

EnKoppZen said...

...your arrangement on the 2nd picture is very beautiful to look at, ... looks casual and cool enough for warm summer.
Happy vacation!

Unknown said...

Lol. Lady gaga :)) . Nice one:D you can check my website right here too click

TeaMasters said...

Merci to all for your comments and sharing.

Unknown said...

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