Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hakone Temple (Japan)

This 1253 years old temple was one of my highlights of my trip to Japan.

The misty weather prevented us from seeing Mt. Fuji from the nearby lake Ashi. But the fog also created a serene and mystical atmosphere. And despite the strong red color of its walls, the temple feels like part of this forest. The feelings are Harmony, Peace and Strength.

Wonderful patterns grace this architecture. One can not but admire how well this old place has been well preserved through the ages.

This would be a wonderful setting to enjoy tea... I didn't get the opportunity to make some. But I felt so much like it, that I took my Duo Qio out of my bag to take some pictures.

Here, in the temple, things were bound to remain spiritual. But for my next stop, I will find a lot of hot water for my teapot and quench my thirst for tea.

PS: Thank you to Chadao, the way of tea, for the nice article!


Nicolas said...

Lieu de sérénité, invitation au silence.

Je remarque avec plaisir que la précieuse théière est sous le regard protecteur du lion de pierre.

Bien à toi


Paul Dray said...

Sounds like you had a great trip Stephane! Good to have you back blogging again :)

TeaMasters said...

Bien vu, Nicolas!

Yes, Lastcoyote, it was a nice trip and I'm back with lots of new ideas!