Friday, October 08, 2010

The sun shines through it

Beyond the flowery and fruity fragrances, what is the appeal of a top quality High Mountain Oolong?

First, it's the fresh and crisp feeling similar to the air we breath on a mountain. As we inhale, the tongue feels a little as if we had had some mint.

Second, it's a very sweet taste when one would usually expect some astringency with this low oxidation level.

Then comes a long aftertaste. The tea continues to cause reactions in our empty mouth. Its power (qi) unfolds like waves. It makes the mouth salivate and ask for more.

With my fall Shan Lin Shi Oolong (pictured in this article), all these qualities can be summed up with one word: the sun! It's like the sweet warmth of mountain sunshine. Thanks to the fresh air, the sun feels both light and powerful. What a wonderful balance and finesse!

Sun and Happiness shine through!

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