Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Winter 2010 Tsui Feng Oolong

Origin: Tsui Feng, near Li Shan, Central Taiwan
Elevation: 1700 meters
Cultivar: Luanze (qingxin) Oolong
Harvested by hand on October 24, 2010.
Process: Rolled High Mountain Oolong.

The dry leaves have a cut grass and flowery fragrance with a sweet undertone. This scent feels rich and layered. It starts with the high notes and progressively lets the sweeter scents out. At one point, I even smelled one of my favorite winter dishes: lamb hot pot! Later, during the after taste, I smell marshmallow and subtropical forest.

The dry leaves are big (high mountain origin) have a dark green color (high concentration of aromas). The stems are lighter in color and yellowish. The ripped stems show that all leaves have been cut by hand.

The brew is clear, transparent and shiny. Such clarity is a sign of a very good processing of the leaves.

The open leaves show signs of oxidation on the rim. Usually, high mountain Oolong are very lightly oxidized. This one has a slightly stronger oxidation.

It starts light and pure. Despite my competition style testing (3 grams with boiling water for 6 minutes), I detect nothing I dislike. Even its excessive freshness feels already very well tamed. The lingering taste is so sweet! It's almost like light sugar cane juice. The mouth feels fresh and this sweetness keeps on coming out. Delicious!

What makes this Oolong so amazing is the fine balance between its fresh strength and its pure, sweet taste. It feels so light and refined!


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