Friday, February 18, 2011

3 Yixing Xishi teapots are back!

The shape of these teapots is named after Xi Shi, the first of 4 famous Chinese beauties. She lived in the 5th century BC and was sent to a prince so that he would neglect his governing duties. Her seduction was a success and this prince would soon be overthrown.

Zisha clay
20 cl. 141 grams

The lines of these classic Xishi teapots are therefore very round and feminine. The only part of the teapot that could symbolize masculinity (the spout) has been 'cut short'!
The lid prolongs the shape of the body and alludes to the most maternal part of a woman's body...

Zisha clay
11 cl. 94 grams
Tea drinkers have to beware of the power of teapots! They charm us easily. It's important to understand how to appreciate their beauty. It's not just superficial. Xi Shi used her beauty to achieve regime change. Teapots are not just about aesthetics ; they have a profound impact on the tea brewed inside.
Modern zhuni clay. This batch has not been mixed with previously fired and broken clay particles. This is why the surface is very even.
15 cl. 131 grams


Steph said...

These are, indeed, gorgeous and beguiling.

Unknown said...

Would be nice if you discuss how and why are other types of teapots are named as such like you did for this xi shi hu .