Thursday, March 03, 2011

Spring clean - Teaware on sale

Here are some items I don't use anymore (or have never used). I put them for sale to make space in my small apartment. (Sold items will be deleted) Maybe they will interest some of you. Shipping costs are NOT included and are added the way I normally do with my orders. As usual, please send me an e-mail if you're interested:


五行雲子 said...

Can I have the xiShi teapot please?



TeaMasters said...

OK, please send me your e-mail to:

Nicolas said...

Prices are very fun. "Spring clean" is really a good idea.


Alex Griffiths said...

Does "(reserved)" mean they are unavailable for purchase?

TeaMasters said...

Yes, it means somebody has sent me a message with an intention of purchasing the item. However, I haven't received payment yet. When I do, I delete the item. (It happens sometimes that intentions don't translate into real purchases).