Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tea morning in France

My tea cups, Cha Tuo (saucers), teapot and Cha Bu have accompanied me to France. The other items come from my parents' collection. The white waste water bowl is a simple rice bowl, while the painted porcelain plate for the teapot comes from Meissen. Now that I'm back in Europe (for a month), I find it's quite alright to mix some European ceramics in my Cha Xi.

The other thing that has come with me are my teas! Today, I'm drinking some winter 2010 semi-wild Concubine Oolong.
(Note: Many readers have been asking ; I've tasted more than 10 summer 2011 Oriental Beauty teas this year, but haven't found the right one, yet. I'll resume my search in August).
And thanks to a mineral water low on minerals (Mt Roucous), I manage to get this tea as I know it. The cooler temperatures in France also add to the pleasure of drinking a mildly roasted Concubine Oolong.

I've brought a piece of Taiwan to France. It feels like home!


Steph said...

Really loving this mix of tea wares!

TeaMasters said...

Thanks, Steph!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog, as an amateur tea enthusiast who is moving to Taiwan in 2 weeks. I have to know--what do you do when someone in a restaurant or house offers you a cup of generic tea? :)

Assistant said...

Beautiful set up and pictures! Where are those tea cups/saucers from? they are so cute


TeaMasters said...

Well, you could take polite small sips if it's a friend who offers the tea. If it's in a restaurant, I recommend you bring your own tea and ask for boiling water.

The cups are my qinghua shan-shui (mountain-water) cups (available in my selection) and the saucers are from Japan.


geneviève meylan said...

nice pistures and ambiance puis good hollidays for you !