Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Thanksgiving Cha Xi!

 A quilt, made by my loving mother, is the obligatory background for this American holiday tea set up!

I was 'shooting' for a turkey, but instead settled for  my 'dragon and phoenix' silver teapot!

A green tea would be a great match for the silver teapot, but during the fall season, a young, raw, wild puerh will bring more warmth. So, for this special day, I flake some leaves from my best young cake (the 2006 spring Lincang). 

 The cups are those inspired by the Yuan dynasty and made by David Louveau de la Guigneraye at my request.

And this brings me to (some) things I'm thankful for:
- having potter friends who share my passion for tea and create items for our use.
- the amazing teas that find their way to me and give me so much pleasure and energy,
- the many tea friends and contacts I have met or corresponded with.

In general, I'm very grateful that, thanks to my tea blog, I can live and share my passion with all of you. I thank you so much for all your support, orders, feedback... (7 years and counting!)
Wood fired bowl by David Louveau

 "Double Happiness" is a character used as auspicious symbol at weddings in China. Thus, with this qinghua jar, I also want to thank my wife for her inspiration, support and love. 9 years ago, she registered me to a class with Teaparker that changed my life! I'm truly blessed to have her by my side.

As a loving mother, she is the core of our family. Honoring her is thanking for the biggest gift of all, love.

In this spirit, I wish you all a great Thanksgiving with your families!
With all my love to my relatives in the USA.


Steph said...

Those ARE great cups! And thank you for sharing your passion for tea with us.

Marilyn Miller said...

The wood fired bowl is gorgeous. I always love seeing the quilts your mother makes. Her quilts inspire me. Sitting down with tea at this very special setting would be delightful.

Letizia said...

I'm one of your follower. Your posts are very interesting so often I show them on my facebook page. I have reported a link to your blog on my tea ceremony blog (italian and english).
(if you're interested the link is )
I would be honored if you want you could return the favor (but do not feel obligate please).
Thank's. Letizia

TeaMasters said...

Thank you Steph, Marilyn and Letizia.

And thanks for your links. I'll consider including your blog in a future update.

geneviève meylan said...

splendide !