Tuesday, July 03, 2012

When visiting a historic site in summer

The sun is likely to be as strong as your desire for a thirst quenching drink. You could drink some water from a plastic bottle. That's OK. That's what millions of tourists do... But you could use this opportunity to connect to this place you're visiting and find some inspiration to create a Cha Xi!
The surrounding beauty of this Banyan pond in the (Qing dyansty) Lin Mansion in Banciao adds an antique, classic feeling to my (modern) teapot, jar, cups and bowl. An old castle in Europe (or an art gallery in America) would have a similar effect, I believe. (I can even prove it with this and that link!).

The tea you'll drink in these cups will be a special event. Of course, such places rarely allow boiling water, but you can always bring a hot tea in a thermos. (Here we had my winter 2011 Concubine Oolong, because it stays good even brewing in a thermos!)
Yuan dynasty inspired cup by David Louveau
Sitting down and focusing on the tea can lead to a better understanding of this place because you have stopped 'visiting' and started experiencing aesthetic life there.

I wish you a wonderful tea summer 2012!
(Disclamer: I won't feel responsible in any way if you do something not permitted by the many rules in such sites!)


Miss Tea Delight said...

I cannot agree more that there are many beautiful places in every corner of this world and more often than not, I leave them with a tad of regret because I did not have my tea ware or a kettle and stove packed away 'in my pockets'!

Unknown said...

this place it's magical!
I'd like to have a cup of tea there :)

Marilyn Miller said...

I thoroughly enjoy taking tea to special places such as this. It definitely makes the visit all the more pleasant.

TeaMasters said...

Thanks for your comments and confirmation.

Kim Christian said...

Oh how much do I miss Taiwan... :)