Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cooling down in Taiwan's summer

The Chihkan Tower in Tainan was built on the foundations of the former Fort Provintia, the Dutch administrative fort built in 1653 in Tainan. The decorative designs is very similar to the Lin Mansion in Banciao. There is an exuberance of colors and detailed carvings. This is typical for southern Chinese architecture. The farther from the austere capital Beijing, the more colorful and fancy the designs.

But behind all the symbolism and aesthetics, I also notice the practical impact of this tall building. Like in the Lin Mansion, it feels noticeably cooler inside. It provided welcome relief to the hammering heat Taiwan experiences unabashedly every summer. And there are no electric fans or air conditioning.
 The ornament of the edges of the ridge are particularly intricate and beautiful. Elegant curves... 
And as this summer lingers on in Taipei, I often turn to my spring 2012 Alishan High Mountain Oolong.

It is my island of spring freshness represented by my green Cha Bu. Smelling the dry leaves transports my to 1600 meters high! The crisp air I breathe is filled with with flowers and green grass.
The sun shines bright and clear in each Dehua cup. The taste is sweet and warm, but the aftertaste turns to coolness. This simple pleasure brings more calm and freshness to my mind.
Hot High Mountain Oolong tea can have a longer lasting and more natural effect than a cold beverage! It feels like visiting the Chihkan Tower (instead of an air conditioned house).


Hector Konomi said...

Is the vase with floating flowers just an ornament?

TeaMasters said...

It is a black Jianyang bowl for waste water (water used from preheating the teapot and cups). I just happened to have some dry flowers that fell off and put them on the water with the effect you saw.