Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Sharing some Gift Ideas

Christmas is a time of generosity and gift giving. In this spirit, instead of writing about my teas or teaware, I would like to share some other recommendations:

- Renaissance music by Doulce Mémoire. Their very old music sounds sometimes grave, sometimes light, but I feel it always resonates very deep. Some of my best Cha Xi (with old puerh) are made with their music. I particularly recommend Le Concert Secret des Dames de Ferrare. (I had the opportunity to meet and become friend with the director and several musicians, thanks to their love of Oolong!)
- I enjoy giving a good massage to my wife with oils from the very new age, California based Gaia Perfumes. The descriptions are a little bit esoteric, but what counts is the purity of the ingredients and the loving dedication of Ani Adams, the parfumeur. (She loves tea and twice we exchanged our products!)
- Excellent quality olive oil from 7 Species in Israel. The quality difference is similar to the difference between High mountain Oolong from my selection and a cheap Oolong from a local retailer. Beware, high quality olive oil is addictive! (The company was founded by a tea lover and friend of mine.)

- Cast Iron cookware: I started using a blue Staub Cocotte this spring. We all know how a tetsubin improves water. Cast iron cookware can also improve food! The heavy, flat  iron lid with spikes increases the moisture of the food. What I like is to use the lowest temperature and let the vegetables or meat slowly cook. They keep their juice while cooking. Cooking ratatouille is so easy! (The company is from Alsace, where I'm originally from, but I don't have any connection to them, other being a satisfied user.) 

-If you want to discover Bali in depth and want to plan you own tour, then I recommend Discover Bali Indonesia. It was founded by my best childhood friend who lives there even longer than I live in Taiwan. He is as much dedicated and passionate about the island of gods than I am about tea! 


Kim Christian said...

A good present would also be TIME.

Prepare a chaxi with your heart and share the moment in the right spririt with your loved ones.
For me I enjoy tea the most if I can share the moment with someone.
(...altough drinking by oneself can be also a great but very different experience...)

Steph said...

I love that you are promoting the sharing experiences here!

TeaMasters said...

You are so right, Kim. Making time for tea and for friends and family is a great gift!
Time is the ultimate luxury, especially as you get older.

Thanks, Steph. Through tea, I have come to discover many great people and enjoy their products & services.

What I realized after the post is that all these recommendations have links to our 5 senses and (except Staub) all have a connection to the spiritual! (Sacred music, sacred scents, Israel, the island of gods!) Maybe this is part of a trend (or just my own way) of adding meaning to life...

Marilyn Miller said...

What lovely recommendations!