Friday, June 20, 2014

Best article, best picture polls

In 10 years of blogging, I have written over 1500 articles. Here are those that my readers have nominated to the poll of best article:

- Tobias Müller: Mind blowing mid 1980s raw unblended puerh

- Cody Turner: Chaozhou Gongfucha brewing step by step

- Olivier Boutra: Dong Ding Spring 1980: gold standard

- Richard Fiske: Oolongs above 2000 meters: into the blue

- David Olivera: La préparation Gongfu Cha traditionnelle de Chaozhou

Horatiu Cadariu: The secret health benefit of good tea

(Each person was limited to only 1 nomination per person).

And here are the nominations for the blog's best picture:

Hélène: The Road

Olivier Boutra: Tea and the city

Political Machine: Tea Mountain
Please vote on the poll nearby. The 2 winners will each receive a pack of 100 gr of organic spring 2013 Wenshan Bazhong!

Update: Congratulations Cody Turner and Olivier Boutra, you have won the respective contests for best article (Chaozhou Gongfucha brewing) and best picture (Tea and the city). You'll each receive 100 gr of organic Baozhong!

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Marilyn Miller said...

Tea in the City is definitely one of my favorite photos.