Friday, September 18, 2015

Preheating advice

Preheating is a key element of successful brewing.

Not only should you always preheat your teapot, but there's even a trick that will prevent your teapot from suffering a thermal shock. Start by pouring the off the boil water on the lid of the closed teapot (see above). This safely increases the temperature of the teapot. Then, in a second step, remove the lid and pour the water in the teapot. Be especially cautious to do so in a cold room or with an older teapot that hasn't been used for a while.
Note: you'll find many more tricks in my Oolong Brewing Guide.

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EG said...

Hi Stéphane,

Not only good for tea brewing, but always beautiful and surprising to see the clay deepen in colour as the hot water is poured.

I love your oolong brewing guide and always pick up on some important detail each time I read it.