Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A great cold day for tea

A couple of days before the historic snow fall in Taipei, I practiced my Chaxi for tea class. And thanks to very cold temperatures, I felt like using my Nilu with charcoal fire. I was pleasantly surprised by how much heat a few pieces of charcoal can produce!
For a cold day and with Chinese New Year approaching, I felt that the red color would be a nice choice to warm things up.
Preheating teapot and cups is essential. The cold even guides my choice of cups: the ivory flower cups. Their tall shape means there is less contact between the tea and the cold air. This helps preserve the warmth of the brew a little longer.
And the ivory color is also a good fit with the tea I've chosen: a high oxidized traditional Oriental Beauty.
The color of the brew appears a little bit warmer.
High oxidized tea creates a sweet warmth that extends from the palate to the whole body. This Oriental Beauty adds a silky, refined taste and dark spice flowery notes.
The lion dominates this peaceful world from his white cloud. That's where I pour the hot water with calm and concentration.
And in the cups, the passion of tea and fire brings back an endearing summer feeling.
It's a joy to drink an Oriental Beauty on cold day!

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Patrick said...

I'm currently drinking "Red - Da Yeh Oolong cultivar", It's definitely warming me up on this freezing night!