Friday, January 13, 2017

A taste of the 18th century thanks to Medea Bindewald

On this CD, Medea Bindewald plays music by Jacob Kirkman on a 1756 double manual harpsichord by Jacob Kirkman (the composer's uncle)! I found this idea of playing on a historical instrument intimate to the composer so daring and meaningful that I helped crowdfund this CD last September. It's fabulous to be able to make the past alive again!

The CD has arrived this week and I could make my own project come true: brewing and enjoying 18th century invented tea in a zisha teapot contemporary to the music and the harpsichord it is played on. And when I read the booklet, I found out that Jacob Kirkman was born in Bischwiller, just next to the town where I come from!!! The music world is even more connected to my life than what I thought...

This music calls for a special Chaxi and a video! I hope you'll enjoy it despite my wandering eyes on several occasions.  

Note: I wish you all a Happy New Year of the Rooster! At the end of next week, I'll start my Chinese Lunar New Year vacation (for almost 2 weeks). This week, I've added several winter Oolongs and updated my tea promotions. Send me your tea orders this weekend or next week, or wait until early February before I ship again!

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