Friday, February 03, 2017

Chaxi on the beach

I love tea. I love the beach. I love tea on the beach!
It's not always possible to combine 2 hobbies. I also love reading and swimming, but I can't swim and read at the same time! However, tea, reading and swimming all things I can do at the beach!
I started a first Chaxi on the black side of my Chabu, because the colorful side is stained ugly. Black goes well with every tea ware...
The drawback is that every grain of sand that flies on the Chabu seems to shine and disturbs my desire for purity.  

So, for my second tea, I thought I should try to be more creative and see if I can't come up with a more natural Chaxi that wouldn't mind the sand.

That's how I quickly found these 2 pieces of stray wood on the beach and turned them into rafts for my tea journey!

I'm brewing my top Jinxuan Oolong from Alishan for 2 reasons. First, because a special occasion calls for a great tea.
Second, because I like to combine the taste of fresh spring mountain with the warmth of the ocean air at noon.
Low oxidized Oolong has a cooling effect on the body that is very fitting in the sun!
And its power and purity are intense enough to be felt in these extreme outdoor conditions when the salty air, strong wind, the sound of the waves and the warm sunshine are distracting my senses. 
My picture of this Chaxi on Instagram received more likes than any other picture I've posted so far! I had to document this moment on my blog as well! And I feel I already know what will be next year's tea postcard...
 I simply love this spot on Baisha Wan, the white sand bay, near Kenting.
The weather was nice, but the waves were kind of strong and didn't allow for much swimming.
But they allowed for great tea and some very cool pictures!
Happiness is easy in southern Taiwan...

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