Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Celadon tea cups by Jacob Bodilly

Green and light blue celadon cups by Jacob Bodilly
I'm pleased to introduce 2 types of celadon cups made by a British ceramist artist, Jacob Bodilly. He's a good friend of Michel François who also made tea ware for me in the past (like the bowl next to the cups). Both have worked together at the (Bernard) Leach Pottery in Cornwall. Leach was is the godfather of pottery's renaissance in the West, thanks to his study of pottery in Asia and his friendship with Soetsu Yanagi, author of 'the unknown craftsman'. Jacob (like Michel) follows in these footsteps and produce tea ware that combine beauty and function. 
Jacob Bodilly is also a passionate tea drinker and therefore he was able to shape these cups with lightly flared rims that smoothen the contact between the cup and the lip. The glaze is very soft and tender to the touch.

They come in light blue
Or in green celadon:
By the way, I think today is an appropriate time to announce that I plan visiting London during the second week of July. I hope to combine this vacation with a chance to meet some of my British tea friends. Please let me know if you're interested in a tea brewing event with me (and if you have a suggestion where to organize such an event).

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