Sunday, August 20, 2017

How tea saved my life

 As a kid, my favorite beverage wasn't tea but coca-cola! I remember the joy of being allowed 1 can a week for Sunday's lunch! As a teenager, I drank the soft drink in bigger and bigger quantities. Luckily, I also exercised a lot and never became overweight due to this addiction. However, by the time I started to work and had less time for sport, the sugar filled beverage could have become fatal for my waist and my health. That's also the strong opinion of my father, a 70 years old doctor who sees soft drinks and sugar added to food as the major reason for the wave of obesity in the world.
Obesity generates a lot of serious health problems according to my father's experience with his patients. They make life much less enjoyable when you reach a certain age. That's why it was a very serious threat to my health and life to be drinking coca-cola daily in my twenties. Luckily for me, I moved to Taiwan and started to enjoy unsweetened Oolong tea! Little by little, my thirst for a Coke diminished and I started to prefer the delicate taste of natural leaves to the taste of sugar.
I haven't totally stopped eating sweets, but now I prefer my chocolate very black (70% or more) and in moderation. I have also established a lifestyle that allows me to exercise at least 3 times a week.
I wanted to share this testimonial with you, dear readers, as I am celebrating my 46th birthday in excellent health! I believe that good tea helped me develop a better palate for natural and healthy food. Replacing soft drinks with tea really saved my life and I feel I live like in Heaven on earth!

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Israel said...

Happy belated birthday Stephane!