Thursday, November 23, 2017

A new e-book: TeaMastersBlog at the British Museum

I wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers in the world and beyond! Just in time for the holiday season, I have finished writing this 50 pages long e-book in pdf format. During my UK visit, I spent one afternoon in the Chinese Ceramics Room No 95 and took many pictures of Sir David Percival's collection. It's one of the best outside of Asia, because it includes many items that were collected by Chinese emperors and should have remained in the National Palace Museum. China's rough 20th century history, however, created opportunities for Sir David Percival to purchase these precious wares and we can be thankful that they are now on exhibit at the British Museum!

I wanted to share the beauty of these amazing wares with my comments from a tea drinker's perspective. I hope it will help you get a quick overview of the major styles of Chinese ceramics in the last 1000 years. Here is my table of content:
And here is a example of one page in my book. It's a tea accessory! It's a bowl stand, an ancestor of today's saucers and cha tuo (chataku in Japan):
For most items, I provide a link back to the British Museum. This will allow you to see more pictures of the ware and get more details about it. However, my pictures come with a very high resolution and my comments try to be both brief and interesting for tea drinkers.

On this Thanksgiving Day of 2017 I am especially grateful to all those readers, customers and fellow tea drinkers who have supported me since I started learning tea 15 years ago! I had no idea tea would become such a passion and a new career. So, during the holiday season, I will offer this new e-book FREE OF CHARGE to all those of you who'll place a 100 USD order (or more) on

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