Thursday, February 01, 2018

Tea postcards 2018

What is itt?
Every year, I select my 12 best pictures and then let you vote for the best ones on Facebook. This helps me select the pictures I turn into postcards. Here you see all the postcards that are currently available and that I add to your tea orders as little gifts (2 at a time usually). Below, on top, you can see this year's latest 2 postcards: another Chaxi on the beach and a sunset on Qilin lake at the slope of Dong Ding's Oolong plantations.
Vive la tour Eiffel!
In exactly a week, I will start my Chinese New Year vacation. This means I won't ship any order between February 8th and 20th. And, like every winter, I'll head to south Taiwan to enjoy tea on a white sand beach near Kenting. Expect some more pictures like this year's most liked photograph:

I also plan a visit to the southern branch of the National Palace Museum in Chiayi. It has a permanent exhibition about the art and culture of tea in Asia called 'The far-reaching fragrance of Tea'.
Emperor Qianlong's Yixing teapot

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