Friday, March 20, 2020

A puerh for my nerves

1966 Gushu puerh, 3 grams
The constant flow of mostly bad news about the virus is nerve rattling. Most countries seem unprepared, make similar mistakes and are slow to adjust to the new reality. The good news that South Korea and China seem able to get the virus under control is mitigated by the fact that Western countries are way behind in terms of measures that work (tests, masks, confinement...). This statement by French officials could be funny if it were uttered under different circumstances: "Masks are useless and nobody should wear them, because we must reserve them for doctors and nurses." The solution may be to make your own masks with a vacuum cleaner bag or a tea towel!

Spring is coming and I'm waiting for a sunny day for a trip to San Hsia in search of pre- Qingmin festival green tea. But today was rainy and I felt I needed a strong tea as medecine for my mind. That's why I brewed my 1966 gushu puerh.
I already practice social distancing, but what I need even more is distancing myself from my phone and social media! So, this Chaxi helped me to focus on something different, happy and delicious. The balance in the Chaxi brings peace and harmony. The warm colors of the brew match with the brown/yellow/green colors of the Chabu. And the small Yixing zisha teapot does a great job concentrating the aromas in the cup. The world goes crazy and unpredictable, but aged puerh tea still tastes wonderful! It's almost as pure and smooth as Song Pin Hao, but has more of a backbone in the taste! I think many would even prefer it to a Song Pin Hao!!
 Tea doesn't cure the virus, but for me, it's the best remedy to remain calm and sane! I recommend that you give it a try as well!

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