Tuesday, June 16, 2020

DYL 104K

5 years ago, in my article 'Da Yu Ling, Sorrow and Joy', I reported about the uprooted plantations of Da Yu Ling, the mountain where the highest tea gardens were located at 2650 meters elevation. The loss of these wonderful tea gardens caused considerable emotion in the Oolong tea world. The fame (and price) of the remaining Da Yu Ling plantations grew as a consequence.
Indeed, Da Yu Ling Oolong has a very unique flavor profile. It's very refined, cool and has lots of aftertaste. And there's also a difference if the plantation is located near kilometer 95 or kilometer 101. The higher that number on the road No. 8, the higher the elevation of the plantation! This means more potential for greatness!
In the last 5 years, I could get my hands twice on a 102K and once a 101 K DYL. But a 104K was out of reach. This plantation barely produces 60 kg per season, so it is usually sold out before the tea is produced! But not this year! (I guess that fewer Chinese tourists and buyers can be a blessing for Western DYL lovers!)
But if a high plantation elevation means potential, how does this particular DYL compare to others? Does it live up to its fame? For me, the answer is simple: this 104K DYL has an amazing energy and aftertaste. It's everything I expect it to be. However to achieve this potential, one has to brew this tea correctly.  Boiling water, not too many leaves so that they open up well, but not overbrew!
 The mineral taste lingers vividly on my tongue. Its beauty shines through!

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