Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Gushu puerh feedback

I'm still in a lazy summer mood, so I thought it easier to let Russell give you his account of my puerhs. Here's what he wrote to me about this 2018 dragon ball:

"Its 8:30 am in sunny Florida. Holly S@%T!!! I used 1/3 of the marble in a 70ml teapot. Very short steeps due to the strength. The flavor was mouth searing but very interesting, good but strong,bitter even with extremely short steeps. After cup 3 OMG.... I felt like I was hallucinating and plugged into a wall socket at the same time. That marble should come with a warning label LOL! 
I needed to get on my treadmill and run 4 miles to run off that crazy energy. I will come back to this is a couple hours, but as much as I am happy I tried it and have a couple more sessions remaining for future. 
I bought some gushu from X and lets just say your Gushu and their Gushu is are night and day. "
Russ also loves my Oolongs, but he never told me which one he liked best:

"Now, why am I blown away. The high mountain oolong I chose to consume first ( don’t know which one ) is on the same level as the 2017 spring top for its complexity and finesse- I am truly blown away. I am also sitting outside in the heat and the sweat is just pouring out of me- this tea has energy too - more than any other high mountain oolong I have had. That might be the only negative. I love a session after lunch, but I don’t need the high energy. With that exception, it is a 10! I feel like I am consuming spring! The scent of the tea alone could be sold - nothing I have tasted has had this freshness and intensity, yet finesse. I can sip this for hours and not get tired of it. Just perfect! 
Thank you for sharing this with me."
Here's what Russ also had to say about these singing cups:

"Yes, the cups are so important and the light celadon singing cup is the perfect fit for both teas as you said. Perfect to pick up the delicate nature of these tea varietals. I already put three more in my cart."
And here are some final thoughts after several orders and interactions through which Russell learned to brew my teas with my recommendations:
"I have never enjoyed tea more. Forget the X grams, the X seconds and just enjoy the tea and the experience. Its now a totally relaxing experience everyday. I enjoy every moment and every sip of tea. Love how it evolves with each steep. It used to be almost stressful, timing, measuring.....what was i doing? You have opened my eyes to 1 gram and liberal steeps, so now I can enjoy a few teas in a day and not be so wired up. 4-7 grams in 100ml and an hour later I was having an anxiety attack from caffeine LOL!! The high mountain oolongs are amazing. I am going to unwrap them soon and give you my thoughts. There a real differences and similarities of them all. I think I know my favorite however it depends on the day and my mood. They are perfect for 90-100 degree days but I wish they had less energy."
Thank you for your frank and direct feedback! It's always a pleasure to help my readers find Happiness with my teas!

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