Friday, September 04, 2020

Teas that prolong the summer feeling

Da Pang Oolong, Hsin Chu county

Imperial grade OB
Imperial grade OB
Summer is almost over already! Kids are back in school, the sun rises later and sets earlier every day. How can we hold on a little bit longer to the pleasant summer feeling?

There's an alternative to turning up the heater in your apartment or booking a flight to the Seychelles: high oxidized teas!
Tea is fascinating, because it picks up the scents of its surroundings, which also means the scents of the season. Harvested in June or July, an Oriental Beauty from Hsin Chu county captures the essence of the warmth and sweetness of summer. And thanks to the cooperation of the Jacobiasa Formosana Paoli (small green tea jassids), tea farmers are able to extract the most perfume like fragrances of any natural tea. An imperial grade OB is so concentrated that a few broken leaves and buds are enough, especially in a silver teapot. 
Oriental Beauty has become so popular that it has led to several tea innovations. Concubine Oolongs, Zhuo Yan Oolong and these jassid bitten red teas have all been influenced by OB! All these teas help us prolong that summer feeling in our cups! Even the sun make a brief appearance after the tea is poured in the cups!

Note: I'll do my next Facebook Live video on Friday 4th, 10 PM (Eastern US time). That will be 10 AM on Saturday in Taipei. The subject will be these high oxidized Oolongs and reds!

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