Sunday, February 07, 2021

The 2021 Chinese New Year holiday/work schedule

Chinese New Year is the longest and most important holiday in Taiwan (and China). For a week, most places will be closed, except places of tourism and entertainment. And this year, the kids' vacations have been prolonged again (like last year). So, this is my schedule of my next deliveries for the boutique.
1- February 8th: last shipment for orders received before February 7th, 9 PM US Eastern time.
2- February 17th: first shipment after the New Year (for orders received before February 16th).
3- February 22nd: Second shipment and then we're back to normal shipping within 24 hours of your order.
Here's another news I'm glad to announce: the arrival of 2021's first tea, the SiJiChun Dong Pian from Mingjian. Harvested on a sunny, but cool January 26th, this year's batch is particularly light and fresh. 
Enjoying my 1999 7542 puerh
The pictures in this article were taken in Hsintien, near Maokong. I had found this beautiful trail last year. It has cherry blossoms, great views and even tea plantations! So, I know it's maybe the most worn and repeated cliché for a tea vendor, being pictured in a tea plantation. But I'm not apologizing. This is exactly what I like to do: hiking along tea plantations and pausing for a sip of good tea (even if it is simply brewed in a thermos).  
So, I wish you a wonderful Chinese New Year! I raise my cup to good health and happiness!

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