Thursday, April 15, 2021

"The San Hsia BiLuoChun makes me happy"

Markus in Germany wrote today that his package arrived yesterday. And today he's trying my fresh BiLuoChun. It makes him really happy, he wrote.
Here's another nice feedback I received from Alvin in Indonesia: 

"I never like Shan Lin Xi because it is always roasted, but this is my first time trying Dong Pian. I like them both your unroasted winter shan lin xi and dong pian, as they suit my taste. 

I bought your tea for 6 months stocks haha.... Because tea is kinda weird, I have to try many tea variants and spend lots of money in search of suitable ones. Different batch/harvest will be different types/fragrance eventhough it come from same farmers. Thus, once I discover the suitable ones, I will buy more for stocks. 

It is hard to find good quality and real taiwan high mountain tea nowadays. Especially alishan/shanlinxi/Lishan. There are so many variants and fake one (maybe), and they just labelled it alishan. Even if they are real alishan, but I don't like its version. Well due to accustom of drinking only high quality teas, nowadays, if the tea is not so good or not suitable for me, somehow..... I can't drink it. I rather throw it away or give to my staff/others even though they are expensive. 
Thank you for effort to go up the mountains, searching, and bringing good quality alishan/shanlinxi/DYL tea to all of us around the world to enjoy.. "
En parlant du Shan Lin Xi Dong Pian, Greg m'écrivit hier: "Trop bon ! Le goût semble Subtil à l'approche des feuilles et finalement la tasse et d'une intensité et d'une fraîcheur ! La bouche et moelleuse et sucré, les parfums tellement enivrant... Je suis fan". 

Thanks for your feedback. It's my job and my joy to send you teas that make you happy! (And that's why my Chinese stamp is Cha zhi Le, the Happiness of Tea. It's also a play on words, because my Chinese last name is Le, happiness!)

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