Thursday, June 03, 2021

Video: Tea happiness starts with the preheating step

This video is the start to a shorter tea clas format. I think it's better suited to the second half of 2021, now that the Covid lockdowns are progressively lifted all around the world. We should all spend less time behind our screens! According to the number of views, the comments and the likes, most of you seem to agree! Please watch if you haven't done so, yet!
The weekly lessons continue at the same time on my Facebook page. That's 10 PM Eastern US on Friday evening. The advantage of the live class is that you get to ask questions and receive my answer. But in order to keep the video short and easy to watch, I won't post these live interactions unless I find them necessary to clarify my class. 

These classes are free and open to everyone, but it's easier to learn with me if we brew the same teas (from my selection) with the same accessories. You can also see these videos on my YouTube channel. And you can support my efforts for spreading tea culture in English, French and German by liking the videos and sharing them with your tea friends!

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