Saturday, February 17, 2024

Dragon and waves Chaxi at the beach

On previous occasions, my readers were curious about how I am able to brew tea on the beach. In the above picture, you can see the gas stove and stainless kettle I use when I'm outdoors. This time, I decided to brew on a small table, because of the winter wind. Otherwise, there's some sand that lands in your teacups, adding unwanted salt! It would have looked nicer directly on the sand, but there would have been no joy in pestering against the wind! So, I prioritized the tea experience over the aesthetics of the pictures, but tried to find angles that would still look good

My previous experiences at the beach told me that high mountain Oolong is a great choice, because it brings energy and freshness at a time when one is sweating under the sun. However, this day, the temperature wasn't too hot (27 degrees Celsius), so that after the Shan Lin Xi Oolong, I felt like brewing a very fragrant, high oxidized Oolong: my imperial Oriental Beauty! It tasted great with the sweet afternoon snack and the color was just stunning!

See you this Sunday, live on YouTube for a new class on the theme 'A healthy life with good tea!' 

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