Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Purple Da Yi 2003 vs loose Gushu from early 2000s

This is yet another comparison featuring the purple Da Yi. It's a useful tea, since it's quite a standard and most drinkers have tried it. This time, I'm comparing it to a no name loose gushu puerh from roughly the same time. Actually, according to the darker dry leaves and brew of the Da Yi, it seems that the Da Yi is a little bit older than the loose raw gushu.  
Both have aged dry scents, but storage smells are still more prevalent on the loose puerh, because it has spent less time in my own (relatively) dry Taiwanese storage. The Da Yi smells more woody, while the loose puerh smells more of camphor.

The taste also has lots of similarities, but I find the loose gushu a little bit thicker in taste and more harmonious. So, the Da Yi has some strong points, but the loose gushu still comes on top if your focus is purity and a thick gushu taste. And the price of the loose puerh also makes it a winner!


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