Thursday, January 20, 2005

New profile: Tea Master, the tea pot

Have you noticed? I have uploaded the picture of the tea pot I made July 12, 2004, a few weeks after starting this blog. That the reason why I called it TEA MASTER (the engraving is at the bottom). It's not that I pretend to be a Tea Master. Some people call themseves so after a few lessons and some practice. As for myself, I learned 3 hours weekly from Tea Chih (Chih, Jung Sien) for over a year and practice gongfu cha at least once a day. No, this blog just intends to be the bridge between Chinese Tea Masters and online tea fans.

Tea Chih has spent over 20 years of study about tea and pottery before writing his first book, and he admits he is still learning. It is truly to be a master to recognize that you'll always be a student!

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