Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Learn Gong Fu Cha with Tea Masters

Here is a collection of links to tea lessons/knowledge on my blog:

A. Gong Fu Cha Basics

1. The equipment,
2. the ingredients,
3. preheating,
4. brewing,
5. feeling with your 5 senses,
6. Tea, a pleasure beyond beyond the senses.

8 keys to successful gongfu cha
3 brewing techniques for Lung Jing tea.

Sung dynasty tea technique: green tea powder whisked in a Tian Mu bowl.
Brew tea in a bowl
Sao An Gongfu cha or how to save a tea that was too heavily roasted.
To taste a tea for the first time
How to hold a gaiwan?
Professional tasting technique DYI
Tea technique for many people.

Cha Xi
3 Cha Xi 2 pillars
Why a tea mat?
Sung dynasty inspiration
Ming dynasty inspiration
Dragon symbol and Cha Xi
Simplicity in a Cha Xi
- Enjoying one tea at a time
Cha Bu and American quilts
Taste of fall
Master Chih Jung Hsien

Tea and meditation

B. Water
A way to improve your water
More ways to improve water
Water from different kettles
Water's influence on tea

C. Tea

Thoughts about what's an excellent tea and a description of my best young raw puerh.
What is Cha Chi? and more cha qi discussion

What puerh will age well?
Be cautious, very cautious, most careful and extremely cautious in the puerh world, says Teaparker.
Fake Pu er, Fake Puerh(2)

To understand Oolong tea, (2)
Old tea
Shou Cha (roasted Oolongs)
Roasted and aged Wenshan Baozhong
Wu Yi documentary
Yan Cha de Wu Yu, Fujian 
Wu Yi Mountain Bai Ji Guan
Bi Luo Chun comparison: Taiwan vs Jiangsu, Jiangsu great vs Jiangsu good
Long Jin
Hsin Chu Oriental Beauty

My tea selection

D. Tea ware

How to appreciate a teapot: the basic and the potter's perspectives, the collector's perspective, the tea drinker's perspective
3 techniques to make teapots. And a link to a video of technique no 3.
How to match teapot and tea
Duanni vs zisha clay for cooked puerh
The influence of a pot's walls on tea (test 1, test 2)
Tea cups' color
Sung dynasty Tian Mu bowls shards.

How to hold a Yuan tea cup
Hitory of Meissen tea cups linked with Jingdezhen
How to season a teapot

Ni Lu, the kettle warmer

E. Storage
Aging and improving tea
Tea jar's magic trick
Home vs warehouse raw puerh storage 
Long term puerh storage
To increase the humidity level for puerh

F. Music for gongfu cha


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