Monday, May 30, 2005

Lu Yu's Cha Jing's original version

You can read it here and, of course, it's in Chinese.

And if you can't read classic Chinese and still want to read a nice book about tea, then try The book of tea by Kakuzo Okakura in English. And it's free!

Thanks to the Project Gutenberg, the classics are at your fingertips! You save USD 1.99 to USD 4 for the digital edition.

Reading Tea Masters blog is not just about tea. And it's definitely not a place telling you to waste your hard earned money on fancy sounding teas. An expensive pleasure may actually harm your life's balance. Tea Masters blog, an epicurean advocate, turns water and a few tea leaves into a spiritual beverage: on my blog, you can find good tricks to save money and enjoy the fitting tea for every occasion.


Cindy W. said...

Thank you for posting the link to this text. I've bookmarked it to read soon.

Anonymous said...

The book of tea by Kakuzo Okakura is not Cha Jing and not even related at all. You should tell you reader otherwise they may get confused and think that is a translated version of Cha jing.

TeaMasters said...

I have changed the wording somewhat following your remarks. I hope nobody got confused in the meantime.

katy.earl said...

Where is the original copy of ChaJing actually kept? Is it in a museum? Which one?

Unknown said...

10 years later and asking the same question haha, anyone know where it's kept?

MaryAnne said...

Im intrigued to find out too! now im thinking just google it hehe xx