Tuesday, May 31, 2005

What tea is best with a Zhongzi?

The Dragon Boat Festival is coming (June 11). I just ate 2 zhongzi (glutinous rice with meat, dried shrimps, egg and mushroom wrapped in 2 bamboo leaves. See the picture above). My neighbour gave them to me. They are made by his mother and they taste fantastic! Spicy and a little oily, just like they should. Thanks, dear neighbour!

Given the strong taste, light teas wouldn't fit the glutinous rice. I recommend either a black pu-er, or a heavily fermented oolong. And since it's so hot again in Taipei, I choose to brew a liter of my oolong stems. What I won't finish will end up in the refrigerator to make iced tea.


stef said...

hi, i found you through your link to our blog at teaswap :) i am from singapore but now in seattle - i miss zhongzi - i'm glad i found out that the festival is next week...i will definitely go to chinatown to get some to enjoy with some pu-erh. i agree with you. a stronger tea would be good with it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm based in England and have a friend in China, she was telling me about the Dragon Boat festival and that Zhongzi were eaten there. I had no idea what that was so i entered it into Google and found your site. Your description was most helpful. Thanks. Ian.

Anonymous said...

Dear Stephane, I buy te in one store in Taipei, when I'm in Taiwan.
It's very small store, but the owner is fantastic teamaster, and this business exist almost 80 years, I saw black/white pictures with top Taiwanese people, hugging the father and grandfather of teamaster. I usually buy Li Shan Cha, it's the best tea on the Earth, PERIOD! I have very big collection of tea from Taiwan, Fujian and India, and Li Shan Cha is #1. Expensive, but worth every penny. Just found your blog, bookmarked it, will read everything.
Sincerely- George from Los Angeles.