Thursday, July 14, 2005

Green tea in summer

I find myself drinking green tea more ofte now in summer than in winter. Almost every noon I will drink either japanese sencha, matcha or Chinese Bi Lo Chun, Long Jin or young green pu er. These teas bring freshness to the heavy and hot Taipei. They were the theme of the Teaparker's class I missed last Sunday.

I take showers each time I come back home and the air con runs the whole night now. But no A/C when I drink tea, I just want to feel the breeze of a fan.

Yesterday, however, I chose to drink my old Baozhong from the 60's, a tea almost as black as coffee. Maybe I got tired of the green tea and wanted some change in my routine. The result surprised even myself. The mellow warmth of this old tea, baked anew year after year, calmed me down. And when you're calm, you also cool down.

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Anonymous said...

I have also appreciated a sample of this old baozhong that Stephane kindly sent to me. I was impressed by the beauty of the dry leaves and also by the warmth of the liquor. Since I was born myself in the 60s, I shall regard these tea leaves with respect !

I put a note in french and photos at the following :