Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Tea Masters Blog Selection

Easy ordering process:
1. Send me an e-mail at: to request my price list,
2. Send me another e-mail with your detailed order and await my confirmation,
3. Use Paypal to wire your payment.

Here is my selection of teas and ware (*):

- Mid 1960s loose puerh,
- Early 1970s loose puerh,
- Mid 1980s loose puerh,
- 1988 Menghai '8582' puerh cake sample
- 1989 Menghai '8582' puerh cake sample
- 1990 Old arbor Yiwu loose puerh,
- 1999 Spring Menghai '7542' qizi bing
- 2003 Spring wild top grade Yi Wu Pu Er Qizi Bing Cha,
- 2006 Spring wild Lincang Puerh Qizi Bing

OOLONG from Taiwan & Fujian
- 2014 Spring Qingxin Oolong from Da Yu Ling (2300 m)
- 2014 Spring Guei Fei Oolong from Shan Lin Xi (1500 m)
- 2014 Spring Qingxin Oolong from Qilai Shan (2050 m)
- 2014 Spring Qingxin Oolong from Shan Lin Xi (1500 m)
- 2014 Spring Qingxin Oolong from Alishan (1500 m)
- 2014 Spring Jinxuan Oolong from Alishan (1500 m)
- 2014 Spring Hung Shui Oolong from Shan Lin Xi (1300 m)
- 2014 Spring Sijichun Oolong from Zhushan
- 2014 Spring Jade Oolong from Zhushan
- 2014 Spring Jinxuan Oolong from Zhushan
- 2013 Late Winter Si Ji Chun Oolong Dong Pian from Zhushan
- 2013 Late Winter Jinxuan Oolong Dong Pian from Zhushan
- 2013 Winter Hung Shui Oolong 'strong' from Yong Lung (Dong Ding)
- 2013 Winter Hung Shui Oolong from Yong Lung (Dong Ding)
- 2013 Winter Luanze Oolong from Shan Lin Shi (2000 m)
- 2013 Winter Hung Shui Oolong from Shan Lin Shi (1500 m)
- 2013 Winter Hung Shui Oolong 'strong' from Shan Lin Shi (1500 m)
- 2013 Summer Oriental Beauty from Hsin Chu
- 2013 Spring Competition Oolong from Dong Ding 
- 2013 Spring Luanze Oolong from Li Shan (2200 m)
- 2013 Spring Luanze Oolong from Qilai Shan (2050 m)
- 2013 Spring Luanze Oolong from Lushan (1600 m)
- 2013 Spring Guei Fei Oolong from Ali Shan (1500 m)
- 2013 Spring Concubine Oolong from Feng Huang (Dong Ding)
- 2013 Spring Luanze Oolong from Ali Shan (1500 m)
- 2013 Spring Luanze Oolong from Shan Lin Shi (1400 m)
- 2013 Spring Luanze Oolong from Shan Lin Shi (1200 m)
- 2013 Spring Jinxuan Oolong from Ali Shan (1500 m)
- 2013 Spring Tie Guan Yin with roast from Pinglin
- 2013 Spring Luanze Oolong from Yiguang Shan (700 m)
- 2013 Spring Hung Shui Oolong from Yiguang Shan (700 m)
- 2013 Spring Jade Hung Shui Oolong from Zhu Shan
- 2013 Spring Jinxuan Oolong from Zhu Shan
- 2013 Spring Gankou Oolong from South Taiwan (Fresh or roasted version)
- 2012 Winter 'fruity' Luanze Oolong from Alishan (1600 m)
- 2012 Winter Jinxuan Oolong from Alishan (1300 m)
- 2012 Summer Oriental Beauty from Hsin Chu
- 2012 Spring Hung Shui Oolong from Yiguang Shan (700 m)
- 2011 Winter Concubine Oolong from Feng Huang (Dong Ding)
- 2011 Spring Hung Shui Oolong from Shan Lin Shi (1500 m)
- 2011 Spring Top grade roasted Tie Guan Yin from Fujian, Mainland China.

BAOZHONG from Wen Shan, Taiwan
- 2014 Spring Manzhong Baozhong
- 2014 Spring 4 years old plantation Baozhong
- 2014 Spring 'Subtropical Forest' Baozhong
- 2014 Spring New Plantation Jade Baozhong
- 2013 Winter Baozhong mix
- 2013 Spring  Baozhong 'organic'
- 2013 Spring Qizhong Oolong (roasted Baozhong)

GREEN TEA from Taiwan
- 2014 Spring Biluochun from San Hsia
- 2014 Spring green Qingxin Oolong from Wenshan
- 2014 Spring Xue Li from Gankou, Southern Taiwan

- 2013 Spring Red Da Yeh Oolong from Taiwan's East Coast
- 2012 Spring Red High Mountain Luanze Oolong from Mojiang, Yunnan, China
- 2011 Spring Big Arbor Dian Hong from Yunnan, China

- 2003 Spring Hung Shui Oolong from Yong Lung, Dong Ding
- 2001 Spring Concubine Oolong from Yong Lung, Dong Ding
- 2000 Spring Hung Shui Oolong from Alishan
- 1979 Oolong from Dong Ding 

- 10.5 cl hungni or zisha Xianpiao
- Lotus set: cup and stand

- 1 liter Japanese tetsubin
- Anping jar

- Ivory white porcelain tea set (gaiwan, pitcher, 3 kinds of cups, tea boat), singing cup, 12 cl teapot, 17 cl teapot
- Competition tasting set in white ceramic: 1 cup with cover, 1 cup to put the tea and the display plate
- 4-5 cl: 'Dragon' cup from De Hua
- Qinghua set with bamboo: gaiwan, chahai, cups
- small qinghua jars (right hand shape available), small qinghua jar
- Medium qingbai jar with transparent dragon drawing

- 1.4 liter: modern tetsubin
- 13 cl glass teapot
- Active bamboo charcoal
- 'Magic' sponge
- Cha Bu: Side 1 : Flowers on dark pink, plain dark green, grey with patterns, purple with lines or black with patterns. Side 2: Plain black. Big, long or small.

- Teaparker's Teapot, Tea cup, Storage, Old Packaging, Nilu, Old tea books
- Beijing National Palace Museum's Yixing Zisha Wares
- Le Livre du Thé, d'Okakura Kakuzô (in French)

* I personally drink and use all the above teas and items. They all come from very reliable and experienced sources I regularly buy from in Taiwan.


Anonymous said...

I recently purchased some tea from Stephane, and had the pleasure of receiving it yesterday. I have yet to taste much of it, but every thing that he sent me exudes quality.

1) 1960's Top Quality Bao Zhong -- a beautiful study in charcoal and chocolate. Warm, honey-like. Has a wonderful quality from the roasting that floats in that world in between flavor and aroma.

2) 2001 wild YiWu Bing Cha: I once tasted this from a sample and it's memory haunted me until I could place my order. Tomorrow I get to sit down for some uninterrupted tasting. This is first.

3) 7 Year old Yixing pot: beautiful simplicity. A vessel for aged sheng puerh.

And so many extras. Stephane proved to me that he doing this out of a love for tea, and not out of a desire to make a buck. The box was stuffed with extra goodies (I won't spoil the surprize -- place you own order) including a wonderfully personalized letter.

*** counting my pennies and looking forward to my next order ***

Anonymous said...

We live in France. I can't figuere out from your site how to order tea from you. We know very little about good tea....We would like to try the charbon de bamboo here. How may we order it? Or make it ourselves? Bamboo grows her.
Thank you,

TeaMasters said...

Hi Barbara,

Just send me an e-mail at:
and I'll send you my price list and tell you how to order.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I received my awaited package from Stephane. The top of the box was covered with beautiful
tea picture postage stamps; carefully laid out so I was able to remove them perfectly. They tell the story of the gong-fu. Inside were the delicate packets of teas all arranged for inspection along with samples and some excellent Chinese ear candy! All of this and a lovely letter. Thankyou kind sir.
I remarked to my wife that getting a package from Stephane was like receiving a special gift from a kind friend. And so it is.
Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

My package from Stephane was so special with the inclusion of the Chinese treats, extra samples and personal letter.

The CDs, Green Rivulet with Flowing Spring, and Looking Forward to People Life have the slow and even music I wanted for creating a calm, peaceful background that enhances tea drinking. The celadon cups are a beautiful color that along with the music make Gong Fu Cha a truly unique experience.

I look forward to the tasting of all the teas.

Thank you, Stephane, for all your help.

Nico D said...

It's been about a month since my package from Stephane arrived, and I've taken the time since to enjoy and reflect upon the lovely teas he's provided.

The medium grade 60's Baozhong has been my favorite so far- wonderfully complex, calming, and warming.

I was also thilled to get a wonderful new Baozhong at such a reasonable price. Baozhong is one of my favorite teas, and this one has not let me down.

The 80's Dong Ding oolong was greener than I'd expected, and suprised me with its similarity to Tie Guan Yin. Later infusions, however, reveal its Taiwanese origins.

The activated bamboo charcoal has really added depth to my water, and truly does bring out the best in fine Chinese and Taiwan tea. Highly recommended.

I'm sure I'll order again before too long. Stephane shows his passion for Tea and helping those of us far-removed from its origin gain knowledge and exposure.

Danica said...

Stephane your pu er teas are fantastic. They have a characteristic smoothness and soothing, calming quality that is representative of your particular palate--one which is exceptionally cultivated. Each of the three teas I experienced shared this quality in one dimension or another. The teas I have tried are a 1988 Jiang Cheng brick that was lovely, the exceptionally smooth and soothing 1990 Menghai Fang Cha Zhuan, and the 2003 Wild Yi Wu. I have not tasted such a complex, rich young pu er elsewhere. I also must compliment you on the lovely first package that I received, it was truly a treasure to open it, from the moment of receiving it to the discovery of the expected items, and surprises inside! My second package arrived just as quickly, and I have yet to try all the teas. Thank you for being so involved and excited about tea, it is a very special and wonderful resource for the rest of us!!!

Anonymous said...

I finally managed to taste every tea that I received from Stephane (except for the teabag), and everything was amazing. Of the three Baozhongs I ordered ("subtropical forest," "honey," and Qizhong), I enjoyed "honey" the most. I can't think of a better name for it. The "honey" Baozhong contained the exact flavor and aroma I was seeking. Of the three Puerhs Stephane sent me samples of (two raw, one cooked), I enjoyed the 1990 Raw Fang Zhuan the most. It had a pleasant earthy flavor that became sweeter in later infusions. The three samples Stephane provided me with are the only Puerhs I've had, and I think I'm hooked. It's interesting to note the higher quality tea Stephane provides, for a similiar price as many tea vendors here in the United States. Higher quality tea for a similar price makes re-ordering from Stephane that much easier. Thank you, Stephane, for the wonderful tea and the knowledge you continue to share here in your blog.

Anonymous said...

I recieved my package from Stephane a week and a half ago, and hopefully this time (second time around) my post will go through.

The teas are just about perfect. Very aromatic Da-Yu-Ling, very heavily roasted Tie Guan Yin and remarkable 1960's Baozhong that fits somewhere in between in terms of flavor.

The Zhuni Xishi teapot is truly beautiful

Stephane certainly has an eye for quality and I look forward to many purchases in the future.

Anonymous said...

Chaqu'un de tes thées, mais CHAQU'UN de tes Thés fais son poids en bronze,
argent, or ou diamant.

J'ai commencé par les Pu er cuits.
La brique 88, a une bonne liqueur patteuse, propre, un petit régal du soir. Le Tuo menghai 97, agréable et léger comparé a un peackock Menghai 2001.

Le WILD Big TUO 90, commença comme un nian Jian 78, un favoris chez moi, mon entrée dans le monde du T de Qualité) que j'avais plusieurs fois acheté chez les 3 T à Paris.
CE gros Tuo, au bout d' une coupelle et demi..ATTENTION, je me suis mis a respirer profondément, lentement, à haute voie.
Un petit picotement sur la langue, des trous dans mes poumons où un air frais de montagne me remplis; une fraicheur dans la bouche. Moi qui voulais gouter, juger ce Thé, son gout, son arome, sa liqueur ..
Soudainement je m'en foutai: Cha QI, Cha Qi .. cha, chi...

J'ai rangé toute la maison pendant que mon fils Tarn de 17 mois dormais toujours.. Une énérgie énorme Toute l'après midi, plus besoin de rien; plus de Thé; rien besoin de manger.
Très relax et très énergétique .

Je suis sculpteur et céramiste, tes théières sont exquises , quel délicatesse, une sensibilité ..
Merci pour la jarre en Yixin.. et ta musique.

Ton Oriental beauty , je le garde pour l'hiver. Le feng hueng Dong Ding, J'ai jamais vu un rocher aussi gros,bien bon en gong fu cha, meme ma compagne qui elle est plutot pu er que oolong l'aime
Le Wulong Da yu ling luanze superbe..

Et le 1960 baozong . Je le chérie pour la vie ..

Anonymous said...

I recieved my package from Stephane 2 days ago, thanks for ship the package so quick, only 7 days to arrive to Spain. It was a surprise how many samples and gifts i found with a nice personal letter.
A beauty zisha Xishi teapot from yixing.
2 Quing dynasty wine cups
1 raw wild Yi Wu cake of spring 2002, this cake really surprise me, with a few leaves you can brew very long times, is a excelent tea but i'm sure every tea from Stephane is high quality.
Im happy to have found a good place to learn and enjoy about this mysterious beverage.I look forward to many purchases in the future. Thanks Stephane for share your luch

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Christmas present sir mr Erler, and for a nice fancy A4 superior quality paper box.. and oh yeah, that huge pile of teas and tea samples that were inside aswell. Glad that I've came back.

All the best

D Wong said...

These are my purchases off Stephane with long, overdue comments attached.

Duanni teapot
7 year Yixing teapot
Da Bing Ru Yi
Qing dynasty wine cups
Small Tianmu bowl
High Roast Shui Xian (2005)
High Roast Tie Guan Yin

The teapots are a little big for my preference, but all of good quality. Special mention is made of the Da Bing Ru Yi and antique ware: just as described, excellent, highly recommended.

Shui Xian: 'heavier' and less floral than expected due to high roasting. It's pleasant, but too many "leaves" will spoil the brew.

Tie Guan Yin: Par excellence. Once hot water hits the leaves expect a captivating, floral smell. The 'gan' or 'gum' sensation down your throat is superb. As for taste, find out yourself!

Stephane was very generous with tea samples and goodies. (NB: active bamboo charcoal is effective for treating UK's hard water) He was also quick and impartial in addressing any queries.

Merci, Monsieur Erler.

Will said...

I received the following from Stéphane back in January, plus some samples and other goodies... I'm not very good at describing my opinions of tea in words, but since this comment is long overdue, I thought I'd post a few words about some of the stuff I've tried so far.

And just to start out, I've found Stéphane to be a very helpful and honest "dealer".

* Nov 2006 Dong Ding "classic"

I wasn't 100% sure about this one at first, but I really like it. It's not too green, but has a nice fruity flavor (maybe a little bit of banana or something - I'm not quite sure how to describe it). Not overwhelmingly fruity, but not bitter at all either. I've been drinking this a lot at work.

* "Lily Flower" Baozhong

This one isn't so much to my liking so far. Nothing against the tea, which seems to be of excellent quality... I will try to experiment some more with the brewing parameters, but I think it's just a little too green and -- I don't know the word - floral? grassy? -- for me.

* Spring high altitude sampler

(this is a sampler of Luanze oolong from 3 different elevations)

I've only had 2 of the three teas so far. They have been very light in terms of smell / flavor. Both of the ones I've tried (one especially) seem to have a light hint of what I'd describe as a blueberry flavor. I need to experiment more with these still (maybe I need to use more leaf or water at a full boil). The wet leaves seem to be of very good quality.

* Top grade roasted TGY sample

I was glad Stéphane included this one. I enjoyed it, and will probably order some more soon.

Phyll, Danica and I tried a very similar tea over the weekend - hopefully next time we meet up we'll be able to do a comparison.

* 4oz '90s Zhuni pear pot

The clay is good; the lid fit is pretty loose (as described), but I'm pretty happy with it thus far.

Anonymous said...

Hi Steph,

I tried to contact you since last week with the email:
but there doesn't seem to be any reply.

Is this still the right email?

Anonymous said...

Stephane is sincere and he loves what he does. I sense that he works very hard to provide his customers with the very best. I trust him

Paul Rosenberg said...

Dear Stephane, thank you so much for the amazing tea and samples. You are my favorite person to deal with because your qulity is always superb and a true spirit of love and respect for tea comes through in every exchange with you. The 89 wild tree puerh brick was fantastic, huanting old fragrnce and floavors, smooth rich and beautiful qi. The 85 sheng tuocha wild tree had the most increadable texture of any puerh I have ever had, like drinking thick smooth silk. the flavors were very "old" wild, and alive and the qi was quite stong. The 1990 shu tuocha was the most refined cooked puerh I have ever had, like drinking fine wine, with intense old forest flavors. Thank you for everything you do and the way you do it. You truely serve the spirit of tea.
Paul Rosenberg
Portland, Oregon

Daniel said...


I was happy to receive my tea order from you last week in the mail. All I can say is, amazing tea.

I am extremely impressed with the teas I ordered from you. The samples you included were very generous as well.

Needless to say, I have told all my friends about you, and will be ordering more in the near future!

Thanks for being so awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hi recently bought some tea of Stepane, its absoloutly beautifull, postage was as fast to be expected, im in australia. the tea quality is just great!, its so fresh you can tell! I will buy again.
thanks for the sample of the tea, and the charcoal I have notice the difference alot.

for people in australia, customs opened my package to inspect and it was cleared, so feel free to order, only tea containing fruit, or fruit peices, cant be imported.

Anonymous said...

I am sitting here drinking my first infusion of tea from water heated in my new unglazed tetsubin... purchased through Stéphane. I am new to the world of tea, and Stephane's blog has been instrumental in experiencing and learning more about the simple depth and beauty of tea. Living in the US, where unglazed tetsubins are not imported (FDA regulations), I emailed Stéphane directly and he found a source for a new tetsubin for me. It is simple and perfect. He also sent tea, which I can't wait to try. I can only imagine that the world-wide tea community is richer because of Stéphane's blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephane,
thanks again for the great teas you send me,i really enjoy your puerhs.Just one word to describe your teas "superb".
Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

I found Stephane on the web during my search for zhuni teapots as I like to collect teapots. He opened my eyes to look at teapots from their functionality rather than merely aesthetic appreciation. I found him to be a frank person who speaks out without any 'chit-chat', which is a very important quality I looked from a seller. I ordered 2 zhuni teapots along with teas. They came only in a few days and I am pleased with his tea gifts.
I really appreciate it as it is very difficult here in Germany to get a decent chinese tea sample.
The zhuni teapots are two lovely well crafted pots. They are nothing less than very fine pieces functional pots, exactly like Stephane said. Now I'll explore new horizon, searching information in his blogs to learn about making a good cup of tea, learning to bring the best quality out of a tea and to enjoy it as a whole. There's no a single doubt that I'll look for Stephane's teas and teawares selection as the first priority when I want to order.

Anonymous said...

I've been fascinated by Stéphane's tea blog for some time and recently put in an order for some tea and a tea pot.

I am incredibly impressed at how easy it is to deal with Stéphane and how quickly and thoroughly Stéphane answered my queries. I am based in the UK and received my exquisitely packed parcel in a matter of days and it has been a total pleasure to unpack along with all the other goodies he included. The charcoal really does seem to make a difference. The teas have all been delicious and the Zhuni Xishi tea pot is incredibly well made and a joy to use. I should also mention the fabulous letter that came with the order, which was witty, charming, informative and very much appreciated.

Stéphane has certainly helped to foster both my interest and appreciation of tea and I certainly wouldn't hesitate to recommend purchasing from him and will certainly do so again very soon. Many thanks

Anonymous said...

i recently bought some teas, a zhuni pot and a duanni pot from stephane i tried his sample of luanze shan lin shi luanze oolong
winter 2007, which is my reason for writing; it simply taste very good, no bitter taste, has a lingering aftertaste, and last for many infusions

Saron said...

Hello Tea Master, I am interested in purchasing some of you tea selection from the Wu-Yi region how can I obtain some? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

yes. amazing teas indeed from stephane. ordered two pots and he included some nice tea samples and two pieces of charcoal bamboo and a very nice and personal letter. very sweet. the tea i had was a luan ze oolong, don't know what kind of roast but it was superb to say the least. wow!!! i have to make an order asap!! first need to finish my current stock of teas. thank you stephane.

Anonymous said...


I was surprised at the speed of shipping to the states.
Simply amazing teas, even some surprising good Shu coins, who would have imagined. Thank you for recommending those baozhongs based on my stated tastes, you go it spot on. I'm also very satisfied with the two pots I got as well. You will now be a separate line item in my annual tea budget. ;)

Michel said...


You're the man!
....Six months without your tea and life just does not taste the same.

Anonymous said...

My virtual tea friend, Karen, on the opposite coast, has exquisite taste in all things tea, and she has been encouraging me to order from Stephane. I am most grateful for her advice because his wares have taken my tea-ing to the next level!

Recently I ordered from Stephane's very select collection: porcelain ivory cups and pitcher, singing cups and pitcher and celadon cups. Everything arrived to me in perfect condition.

Stephane's ivory porcelain cups are beautiful in their shape and exquisite in their delicacy. Every sip is a kiss on the lips. I live in the Los Angeles area, and in all my teaware shopping I have never seen such beautiful cups.

The singing cups are even more lovely than their pictures show them to be; yes, they do sing and I like their generous size.

The celadon cups are a gorgeous color and I will enjoy my "heavier" teas in these. They are very durable for everyday use.

Additionally, I ordered several teas from Stephane. At the moment, I am sipping his Roasted QiZhong Oolong/2006. It offers a nice roasty, yet smooth flavor. With each successive sip, this tea is becoming one of my favorites!

I have a very special appreciation for Stephane. He is passionate about everything tea and he takes very good care of his customers. He has expertly guided me through several orders and I have never been disappointed. He has a very keen sense of detail and artistic eyes for the beautiful. He is a master...always with his heart shining through.
Thank you, Stephane!

Will said...

Great to hear that there are reliable sources for pu-erh. Thanks for the great work.

Anonymous said...

I recently purchased the quingbai porcelain tea set. I could not be happier! Every item in this set is breathtakingly beautiful, and paired with the right tea, it is truly magnificent. I cannot wait to order more from Stephane.


Hank Friedman said...

I am a big fan of top-quality green oolongs and have searched far and wide for them.

Stephane provides truly stunning oolong teas, with a depth of flavor and effect that is incredibly uplifting.

Thank you Stephane

John-Paul said...

I've had 'a thing' for Taiwanese oolongs for several years now. However, it was not until my first order from Stephane that I realized exactly why I love tea so much. Stephane's holistic, artistic, and practical approach to enjoying all aspects of tea is so refreshing and inspiring. He is the only tea merchant I have found who really gets it, and he is by far my favourite person to order tea from.

All of my orders, which have included both teas and teaware, have arrived on time, and in perfect condition. I'm so amazed by the quality of service and product that Stephane provides. All of Stephane's oolongs that I have tried are several levels above the quality of anything available to me in Cananda where I live...and for a similar price too! And I am particularily grateful for the modern zhuni teapots that Stephane offers, which are by far the best buy that I have found online. In addition, the Tea Masters blog itself has been an ongoing source of education and entertainment for me.

Thank you Stephane for sharing your passion with the world. You are a real inspiration to all of us who strive to follow our hearts and dreams. I hope you keep doing your thing for a long time to come! Especially because it's so hard to go back to drinking 'other stuff' after sampling your selection. ;)

Let us all drink, and be happy!!

pumpkinjelly said...

If you are looking for a high quality vendor of tea and tea ware Stephane is as good as they get.

Open, Knowledgeable and very passionate. A joy to buy from and a joy to receive packages from.

He recently sourced me a stunning teapot which I love dearly.

Not only a great vendor but a lovely person too :-)

C said...

There are very, very few individuals I'd trust for both excellent tea and well-made teaware.

Stepahane Erler is at the top of a very short list. A diamond in the rough.

Cheers to Stephane.

Christian R Szabo
Ontario, Canada

Anonymous said...

When you buy tea ( or anything ) online you really never know what your gonna get.

Stephane made the process really easy and straight forward, which I feel is really inportant when ordering from a person directly Vs. major tea company. He was always quick when replying to email inquires,I never had to wait more than a day to hear back from him to find out if something was available/instock. Eveything was payed through paypal, which was nice,it washed away my insecurities of being swindled.
I was really inpressed with how he took the time to pack my order. Everything was hand bubble wrapped,so my gaiwan would not break, all the teas were individualy air sealed in their own package to ensure freshness. Very well done. all of it was then organized in a tetris like manner so that everything fit perfectly together. Something you can never get from a company that has to be inpersonal to ship to large number of people. He took the extra effort to make sure it all arrived safely.

All that alone in my book makes up for any reservations or doubts that one might have about ordering from him. I plan on ordering from him again in the near future, since I now know I can trust the process of buying from him.

Miss Tea Delight said...

Hi Stephane,

Thank you for your little gems of old porcelain and tea samples that accompanied my parcel. They will certainly keep my taste buds very fit and busy in the coming months.

Best wishes :)