Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Liu An and Dan Chong samples

I'd like to thank Timothy, a great designer in NYC, for sharing two of his favorites teas with me:
- 2002 Liu An
- 'Song dynasty' spring 2005 2nd grade Dan Chong.

I had never tried these Mainland teas before. The smells of the dry leaves reminded me of black and milk chocolate, respectively! This made me real curious.
I will taste them in more detail and hopefully keep you posted, but let me just give you 2 quick impressions:

* The Liu An, a black tea, will turn more and more green after each infusion. It reminded me of an old green tea I drank with Teaparker in the park of the Taida university 2 years ago.
* The Dan Chong still has many secrets to uncover for me. The chocolate smell turned to mandarine (a french word for a kind of small orange that's easy to peel). Not a tea everybody will like, but those with a taste for puer should find it interesting.

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