Monday, October 03, 2005

Old tea with style

Here are 2 of my old tea cups. You can see it at their imperfection. The one on the right still has some earth stain that won't go away.

Such old cups with an antique teapot (see below) are not essential to drink old tea, but they create harmony between the tea and the accessories that may open a door to the past during the tasting. The tea has a taste of old, the teaware feels and looks old. You then feel connected to centuries of Chinese tea traditions.

As I said, the teapot does not have to be antique. A new one with a very classic, simple shape like my zhu ni teapot (2 posts below) or this one.

Using old or classic accessories is like dressing up for church. You are showing respect and a willingness to enter in the right mood.

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