Wednesday, November 09, 2005

New winter Oolong

Hey hey hey! I'm extremely happy to report that I've tasted and bought a great Winter 2005 Oolong from Da Yu Ling (1800 meters elevation). Like almost all high mountain oolongs it's a luanze oolong and it tastes fabulous. I was really lucky to get it. The tea arrived just 10 minutes after I had entered the store of one of my favorite wholesaler in Taichung. The dry smell of the leaves reminded me of toffee, caramel. But the fragrance of this light roasted, light oxidized oolong is one of the finest I ever drank. Let's say no more. I'll keep you posted with pictures soon! (And I'll soon add it to my selection!)

I also bought two 20+ years old Oolongs and replenished my stack of old Baozhong. I'm looking forward trying the old Oolongs. They don't look very dark, compared to the 40+ years old Baozhong. As soon as the temperature drops below 20 degrees I'll taste them.

It's been a great month of November so far. The good, dry weather is helping to make this harvest much better than this spring's (which had late snow falls damaging lots of oolong leaves in the Central Mountains of Taiwan).

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Anonymous said...

Ce oolong est une perle, son parfum est d'une rare finesse qui touche au sublime (n'ayons pas peur des mots), à tel point qu'on en oublirait de le boire...ce thé !
Au palais il délivre lentement ses secrets, et peu à peu c'est une bouffée de magnolia en fleur légèrement citronnée qui vous pénétre. Un grand moment, merci Stéphane !