Friday, November 18, 2005

My Qing dynasty tea jar

In my previous post I show more pictures of my latest acquisition: a late Qing dynaty tea jar, over 100 years old. I think it just looks fabulous. The blue brush of the artist is so soft and peaceful. It's a joy just look at it and feel it's smooth and uneven texture.

It's one of the first big antique tea object I've ever purchased (except small tea cups). I thought I would ruin myself. Actually, it was just 3 times as expensive as my yixing jar, which is half as heavy. On another online antique shop, I found a very similar jar. It's older but doesn't have the original cover. And the price is much higher than what I paid. I saw that more jars of the same design are for sale at my tea pot maker's place, just in case you're interested.

In general, I recommend that one puts its money in tea instead of accessories (which you can't drink). But there must also be exceptions, especially since I needed a jar to keep my finest old teas from Taiwan. I think this is the most fitting place for them in Taiwan. (In a drier climate I would recommend the porous yixing jar).

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