Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hakka Lei Cha samples

My early blog readers will remember that I went to Beipu in Hsin Chu County (scroll down a bit). It's mainly home to Chinese from the Hakka tribe who have settled here one or two centuries ago. They famously grow Oriental Beauty, but their more traditional drink is called "Lei Cha". It's a powerful mix of grinded cereals with green tea powder. Hakkas have a reputation for being strong and tireless workers. If you have tried lei cha, then you will know the source of their energy.

I mention this today, because I just come back from some shopping with a big box of ready made Lei Cha powder. I found the taste very close to the tea I grinded myself back then. It's also much easier to make: Just fill your glass with a quarter or a third of that powder, add hot water, mix well and drink.

So let this be Lei Cha month! From today on, I will give a free sample of Lei Cha with each order (as long as supply lasts). In the past, I used to give two pieces of active bamboo charcoal. I still have some left. So it's up to you to decide what you prefer: lei cha or active bamboo charcoal.

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