Saturday, April 15, 2006

2 blogs

Le premier est français. Il s'agit de Puerh & Yixing. J'adore le fond noir et les jolies photos, surtout celles avec les théières rouge. Très classe! De plus, on y cite d'excellentes sources! (héhé!) A ne pas rater.

It's thanks to that first tea blog that I found TEAfiles. This guy (I assume the author is a guy) likes to clean his teapots and tells us how. My advice was to use a micropore sponge and no chemicals. But his method also makes sense with the kind of heavily stained old teapots he found.
Besides, Teaparker also recommends to clean old teapots before starting to use them (from scratch). Some people think that a teapot only has value if you have used it for a while (or if you've seasoned it). But while it's true that this will increase the benefits it provides, a good teapot will brew good tea from day 1. This allows you to better get acquainted with your teapot as you both grow more experienced together.

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Michael said...

I like that concept of growing with your teapot. It reminds me of how connected people can be with their possesions.